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SPD Human Resource Information System

SPD HRIS is a software designed for Micro, Small and Mediumenterprises to help manage and simplify HR processes fromrecruitment to retirement. It is an efficient, effective and a user-friendly web-based HR information management systemthat provides automated solutions for recruitment, time andattendance, employee benefits, payroll, governmentmandated reports and many more.

Professional ERP system

SPD Enterprise Resource Planning

It allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business & automate many back office functions related to technology, services, human resources, sales, accounting, welfare & benefits and records management. It simplify & modernize back office systems, empower employees and support innovation & business growth.

Finding jobs online

SPD Job Portal Management System

SPD JPMS helps reduce time and cost of hiring, wider reach foremployers and applicants, state-of-the-art filtration tools tomanage manpower database for data analysis and decisionmaking, branding opportunity for principals or employers,sophisticated management tools, etc.

SPD JPMS provides together all the tools you need to efficientlyrun your recruitment processes and manage your manpowerdatabase while empowering your hiring staff and at the sametime delivering added value to applicants.

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SPD Membership Management System

SPD MMS is a web-based membership & event managementsystem for associations, chambers of commerce, clubs, laborunions, cooperatives, home-owners associations & other typesof membership-based organizations with the functionality toprovide services to members. It brings together all the tools youneed to efficiently run your organization, increase newmembers, retain existing members, and increase and managenon-dues revenues while delivering added value to members.

Network marketing essentials

SPD Multi-Level Marketing Software

SPD MLM System is proven by many MLM companies (start-up andbig companies) whom we provided our services. Following aresome of the compensation plans we can offer:

  • Binary & Unilevel
  • Australian one up
  • Hybrid
  • Force Matrix
  • Stair Step
  • Break Away
  • Business Center

Sales & Inventory

SPD Sales & Inventory Management System

SPD Sales and Inventory Management System or SPD SIMS is a web-enabled, cost-effective software for Micro, Small and Medium enterprises.

SPD SIMS provides together all the tools you need to easily manage your sales and inventory while empowering your staff and at the same time delivering added value to your customers.

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Online Business Software



The cloud has been advancing steadily into the enterprise for some time, and we understand that many company executives and employees want real-time access to information, regardless of where they are. It is expected that businesses will embrace mobile systems for the reports, dashboards and to conduct key business processes.


About the Company

SPD Software & Program Development Business Solutions Inc. (SPD Business Solutions for short) is a duly registered corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that provides quality, on-time and on-budget IT Products and Services. We offers the outmost in IT automation processes, - from software development, design, business process and business system integration extending to process implementation. We ensure our projects are completed, accurate, reliable and well documented software products, which have been subjected to management monitoring, control and review.

SPD BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is a dynamic, innovative progressive and dependable member of SPD Group of Companies. The guiding vision of our group of companies is to give the optimum service we can. This has been the pillar of our companies since we started our enterprise and continue to be the guiding principle with which we continue to build our success today.

"We Innovate your business at IT's Best." When it comes to maximizing your invesment, you wont find a better partner in terms of expertise and client care.